IMG_1552 幼いころ、乾燥や湿疹がひどく、サメ肌だった私のために祖母はせっせと漢方薬を煎じて飲ませてくれました。そしてドクダミの葉を摘んでは入浴剤にして、一緒にお風呂に入ったものです。お陰で、いつしか肌のトラブルも改善されました。祖母はいろいろなことを教えてくれました。おしろい花の花びらを爪の先に擦りつけてはマニキュアごっこをしたり、ヘチマで化粧水やボディ用のスポンジを作ったり。思えば、楽しいことや「キレイ」はいつも自然と仲良しだったような気がします。

大人になってから、再び肌のトラブルに悩み続けることになりました。 TVレポーターやラジオDJなどメディアでの仕事をするようになり、毎日が多忙とストレスの極みでした。けれども仕事は楽しく、やり甲斐もあるので、あまりそれと体調不良を関連づけることはしませんでした。その分、あらゆる高級化粧品をわたり歩く日々でした。










Hello, my name is Mayuko Suzuki. I was troubled by eczema and severe dry skin during my childhood. I remember taking herbal medicine that my grandmother prepared. We also went picking herbs good for bath salt and balms. Thanks to these efforts, skin problems have improved. Grandmother taught me many things. She rubbed my fingernails with flower petals and colored them pink. We made skin lotion and body sponges from loofah. Recalling the countless memories with her, I come to think that fun and beauty and health were always in good relationship with nature.

As I grew older, I began to suffer from skin problems again.

I enjoyed my career in the entertainment business. The days were horribly hectic being a TV reporter and radio DJ, but didn’t care much for it was fun and rewarding. But in return I spent a fortune on various expensive cosmetics.

One day, my friend gave me a handmade skin lotion. It felt quite “not enough” compared to the cosmetics I’ve been using. But from sometime, I began to notice a difference. I was regaining my skin’s original strength.

Just about the same time, I moved into a new place and started gardening. Plants, water, sunshine, breeze…various forms of “life” came in harmony and helped me get back in shape.

In any time, humans have always received the blessings and nothing can be separated from nature. That is why, as the world becomes more complex, the more I want to recognize the value of simplicity.

Honest and genuine. May be that is the shortcut to a happy life after all.

Began soap making from 2008 and that led to a further interest in herbs, natural remedies, fragrance, and so on. There are still a lot more to study but it’s my pleasure to share what I’ve learned with you all.